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Image of Whiskers


Eyebrow and face whiskers for fursuits.

This is an item I found to be perfectly suitable for Fursuit whiskers, its thin, stiff, easily trimmed with scissors, and is a great accent to any character's muzzle. Trim them at the base at an angle and poke them into the fabric backing of your fursuit's muzzle and you have awesome cute whiskers! You can also add a dab of hot glue to secure them in as well.

For a tutorial on how to install whiskers, check here:
Guide: Adding Whiskers to Your Fursuit

White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Teal and Blue come come in a spray of about forty 5-inch long whiskers and they come to you grouped on a metal holder. Under blacklight Orange and Pink are fluorescent. The whiskers that arrive on a clip can also be removed with pliers for longer whiskers, use a hairdryer or a flatiron on low-medium heat to straighten the whiskers.

Black whiskers, Clear Whiskers, and Whiskers listed as "Extra Fine" will come in a zip-top bag. Black whiskers come in a package of ~30 and are 5" long, Extra Fine whiskers come in a package of ~50 and are 3.5" long. Clear Whiskers come as a continuous length, ~6 feet long.