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Image of Stickers!


This is my listing for all of my waterproof outdoor-suitable full-color sticker designs!

These stickers can go anywhere! Such as laptops, cars, phones, etc! They are full color printed die-cut stickers on a durable vinyl base with a laminate that protects from scratching, rain, and sunlight. Graphics & art on each sticker has been created/edited by Sara "Matrices" Howard.

Stickers are sold individually. Here is the information on each of the sticker designs. Logo
A circular logo design featuring my mascot character, Matrices with "" text. Show your support for my website & tutorials with this sticker! Sticker is 2" round with a matte finish.

#TurboTakes Husky
Turbo is our picky pet husky dog who is offered things over on the Twitter hashtag #TurboTakes. Show off you're a fan of the series (or just cute huskies!) with this darling sticker! Sticker is approx 2.5" by 3" with a matte finish.

Turbo with a Flower Crown
This photo sticker is of the charming good dog himself. Ears perked and a cute expression wearing flowers on the top of his adorable head. Sticker is 3" by 2" with a matte finish.

Bonk Noseboop
Bonk is a cute critter ready to stick his nose in and see what you're up to! Sticker is approx 3" by 3" with a matte finish.

Grumpy Bonk
Oops sometimes Bonk is a big pouty grump, don't hold your breath too long pal! Sticker is approx 3" by 3" with a matte finish.

Delighted Bonk
A happily excited Bonk can soon grace your smaller locations with this 2" by 2" sticker with a glossy finish.

Dump Couch Bear
Tolt is reveling in his black bear roots by relaxing on a pretty shabby looking dump couch!! Sticker is 3" by 3" with a matte finish.