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Big Collar Blind Bag

Image of Big Collar Blind Bag

$40.00 - On Sale

These are working over-sized prop collars intended for a fursuit costume accessory.

Each handmade collar features a side-release buckle. A 2 inch wide strap that adjusts so they can fit a wide range of sizes accommodate many neck sizes to fit over a fursuit costume! Can adjust to up to at least 30 inches circumference to accommodate just about every costume's neck.

Easy-on easy-off with the BIG 2-inch easy to use side release buckle, functional even with costume paws or gloves on! Hang your tags, con badge or other decorations off the nickel-plated D-ring. Matching fabric slider helps keep the excess strap comfortably out of the way.

This listing is for 1 (one) Random Color Fursuit Collar! Normally $50.

Please note the colors or prints for this item may not actually be from those shown in the sample picture. You're getting a surprise color or print! IT IS TOTALLY RANDOM WHAT YOU WILL GET! If you order more than one in the same order, I will try to vary the colors and prints for you so you can enjoy the surprise of it!

If you have any very broad requests i.e. "print" "solid" I can try to accommodate, however, I will not be making you anything custom! (if it cannot be fufilled I will just send you what I can, it is a blind bag opportunity afterall!) You can make your own custom one with my pattern here!