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Balaclava Blind Bag

Image of Balaclava Blind Bag


This is a balaclava, great for wearing underneath your mask, fursuit head, or other costume piece to wick sweat, keep your hair out of your eyes, and add an extra barrier to help keep your costume pieces clean. Great for wearing under your own costume, or if you are borrowing a friends. This item can also be used as a base to create and build a fursuit head on as well.

It is sewn from lycra/spandex and has minimal seamwork so it is comfortable to wear underneath even the tightest-fitting mask. Each open edge is tacked with reinforcing stitching on the seams prevent the sewn halves from splitting.

This item is completely machine washable.

This listing is for 1 (one) Random Color Balaclava, appropriate for a head circumference measurement of around 21-24 inches. It stretches to fit and may be able to comfortably accommodate a larger size!

Please note the colors or prints for this item may not actually be from those shown in the sample picture. You're getting a surprise color or print! IT IS TOTALLY RANDOM WHAT YOU WILL GET! If you order more than one in the same order, I will try to vary the colors and prints for you so you can enjoy the surprise of it!

This item is NOT made as, or intended for, use for a face-covering for covid-19. Sorry! :( My balaclavas are just meant for keeping a costume clean similar to putting socks on before putting on shoes.